April 28, 2017

More Stuff Happens & We Make Fun Of It!

This week’s episode includes footage from our live show at Flapper’s in Burbank. We get to know progressive congressman Ro Khanna, discuss the Unity Tour and get a phone call from Bernie Sanders! 

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Mike MacRae, Ro Khanna, Paul Gilmartin and Ron Placone.

march 10, 2017

This week’s show includes footage from our 3-4-17 Live Show: Hillary Clinton’s response to Trump’s Speech, as well as Bernie Sanders’ Response and the general Democratic Response.

Interviews include Samuel Ronan and Kenneth Mejia

Phone calls from Vladimir Putin, Sherrod Brown and Sean Spicer 


Jimmy Dore, Samuel Ronan, Kenneth Mejia, Ron Placone, Stef Zamorano, Jim Earl, Robert Yasumura, Paul Kilmartin,  

march 3, 2017

Mel Gibson ,Alt-Right Listener, Herman Cain, 
Offended Listener & Rick Perry Call In!

Oprah For President.
George W Bush gets rehabilitated by Matt Lauer.
Donald Trump uses Military Widow as a prop.
Michael Moore accidentally lets the truth slip out.
DNC Can’t Quit Corporate Cash.

With Mike MacRae, Jim Earl, Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone